Saturday, August 30, 2008

Going back to Malaysia :)

YAY! Going back to KL in this afternoon! Had been counting my days to go back since beginning of May. Started to pack my luggage since last Sunday… Too many things to bring back to Malaysia, my cosmetics, skincare, accessories, dresses, souvenir items, food etc….

Plus need to help my sisters to bring back 5 bags for her colleague! That’s the reason not enough space for any other things like food, clothes etc. Some more Airasia will charge on excess luggage at USD5 per kilo. And every check in luggage has to charge for USD2 for each bag.

Yesterday was a long day… I Stayed back at work till 7.30pm followed by dinner with visitors from Hong Kong and Singapore till 10.40pm. After I reached home, I had to complete all the housework, washing and ironing clothes as I’ll be away for the next 10 days. Followed by my final packing. Slept at 1 something last night and woke up at 6 something this morning. Feel so sleepy now….

My Pink small luggage is just too small for all my souvenirs and things to be brought back to Malaysia. Going to get for another big luggage in Pink for my business trip to London in November.

Half day work today. After work, I’ve to rush to airport as my flight is at 4pm and have to check in 2 hours before departure.

I’ll back in Miri on the 2/9 Tuesday! Pal, let me know for any gathering events! See you guys soon and have a lovely weekend!

My Curly Hair :)


Going to bed soon :)

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