Friday, April 10, 2009

First Saturday of April in Miri

The night after returning back from KK, had a gathering with my friends. We went out a bit late as the rain was so heavy on that night.

Really miss the time spending with my friends in Miri during this long break. Next week I'll have to be back to the reality of life. Wish me good luck :)

Annie & Lina

Pink is my favourite :)

@ Rex Box Karaoke

Aileen, Annie & Lina

Aileen, Eva, Annie & Lina

Aileen & Lina

Tong Yu, Aileen & Lina

Eva & Lina

Gabrille's Full Moon Dinner

It had been a while that I didn't been to Brunei or Seria. After away for so many years from Miri, I'd rather spent more time in Miri and with my family. Managed to go to Brunei from Miri to attend for my cousin sister's baby full moon dinner. The road had improved a lot and took less than an hour to arrive Seria.

A lot of children at the dinner and managed to catch some photos with my nephew and niece. Children are just so cute, simple and innocent. However, taking care of them are not as easy as what I think of :)

Along the way to Brunei


I had never carried a new born baby. Therefore, my cousin sister, Emily was the one carrying the baby.

I used the balloon to make her stay with me

Seria Market LAU SU FEN

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Our Last Day in KK

The 4 Days 3 Nights trip in KK was really enjoying and didn't really feel like going home or back in the reality of life :) Had so much fun with Aileen and Polly and wondering when we can still gather for our next trip.

Went to Polly's shop and took some photos on the Cream Puffs. The cream puff is not so sweet and taste a bit like ice-cream. I bought 5 boxes back to Miri for my family and Dachele. Pals, Please drop by her stall at 4th Floor, Palm Square, The Kobe Cream Puff.

Cream Puffs

Lina & Aileen

Group Photo

At KK Airport waiting for check in.....

Aileen & Lina

Ocean Seafood Restaurant, KK

Ocean Seafood Restaurant is located right in the city of Kota Kinabalu. This is my second visit to that restaurant in KK. They used to have a branch in Miri and the environment was so cozy and nice compare to the one in KK.

The seafood at Ocean Restaurant is a bit pricey compare to other local restarant. We ordered for 5 dishes for the three of us. However, couldn't manage to finish all of the dishes.

Live Seafood

My favourite

Our dinner

Fried Tang Hoon

KK Vegetables


Aileen's Coconut Drink

My favourite ~ Kit Chai Ping

Steamed Fish


Monday, April 6, 2009

Day Trip to Kinabalu Park & Poring Spring

We went for a day tour to Kinabalu Park and Poring Spring. The weather was not cold at all and I was wearing a long sleeve with me. I thought it was like Genting Highland or Cameron Highland before going there.

This was my second visit to Kinabalu Park. My first visit was when I was 5 years old. The journey took about 2 and half hours from Kota Kinabalu City. We stopped by at a local souvenir shop halfway to Kinabalu Park. A lot of souvenir items were actually imported from Cambodia and Vietnam. The price is much more expensive than those in Cambodia.

Local Souvenir Store

Nice view

Along the journey to Kinabalu Park

Me :)

Aileen & Lina

We were considered quite lucky as we managed to see the Rafflesia. Locals said that it will bring luck to us after we saw it.


With the Rafflesia

Rafflesia Flower

Our shoes

And we are the FANS

For lunch, we proceed to a local coffee shop to try out the local delicacies.

Ready for lunch.....

Mixed Vegetables

Oyster Chicken with Mushroom

Bamboo Shoot

Tomatoes Prawn

Plenty of dishes for the three of us

Bamboo Shoot

Poring Spring

Nice view~

Poring Spring

I didn't aware that we were suppose to walk up to the mountain. Therefore, I was wearing high heels with me. It was really challenging to walk up the mountain for an hour journey with a pair of high heels sandals. I was proud of myself of being able to do it :P

My shoes

End of the journey.