Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gathering with friends

March is a busy month for me! Gathering with friends, attending interviews, packing and unpacking my stuffs, travelling...... Feel so relaxed and also a tiring month for me :)

Had a great time spending with my friend, Aileen in this month. Cherish every moment spending with every friends of mine. I might not be having the chance to meet up with all of them after i start my new job. Therefore, I'm going to post some photos in my blog for remembrance.

Last Saturday of March with Aileen

Lina & San San

Aileen & Lina

My Hair Do which i will not be able to have after i start work :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mulu Trip - Day 2

For the second day of Mulu trip, We went to the Wind Cave and Clearwater Cave. Not so much of walking on that day but too much climbing on the staircase made us even more exhausted! We had been convincing each other to walk as we had already pay for our tour :P

We had to ride the motorboat for 45 minutes in order to arrive at the entrance of the cave. The weather was so hot on that day which i had to cover my whole face with my rain coat.

Along the journey to the cave

On the boat

Finally, we had arrived at the entrance of the cave. I look confused and exhausted after seeing the 800 steps staircase.

Wind Cave

When we arrived at Wind Cave, we could feel the cold breeze of the wind inside the cave. That's the unique of the cave.

Wind cave

@ the Wind Cave

The step was so slippery that we had to walk slowly.

Self Portrait

Some camwhoring photos among the three naughty one :P

Below are some photos taken at the Clearwater cave.

Entrance of the clearwater cave

The Clearwater cave. According to the tour guide, the clearwater of the cave can make you younger. The water was so cold!

Clearwater from the cave

After the caving session, we proceed to the Penan longhouse by boat.

Penan Longhouse


It's Dinner Time @ the resort

Traditional Dance by the natives

Mulu Trip - Day 1

Finally got the chance to visit Mulu Caves! Every time my colleagues from KL will ask me about Mulu but i had never been there yet. How embarrase am I to be a Sarawakian or Mirian!

During this long holiday, I had planned for a 3 Days 2 Nights trip with my friends from Miri. We went to Deer Cave and Lang Cave for the first day. We felt so exhausted and tired as gonna walk for 2 hours to arrive the cave. The total journey took us around 5 hours. For us who seldom go for exercise was really very tough to complete the journey :)

Along the journey to the cave, we had seen different kind of trees and insects which we were so alarmed on it! Below are some of the pictures taken during the journey.

Do you think it's cute?

Resting Point

Deer Cave

Exhausted me!

Entrance of Deer Cave

Lang Cave

Dinner Time @ the resort

The largest insect that i had seen throughout my life. *Shocked*

To be continue for Day 2... Stay there! :)