Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Man pauses but a moment to honor a birth.
Yet, were he to stay longer,
were he to look deeper,
He could see Creation.
The birth would still be there,
An archetypal pattern for the millions
who are always moving forward
On a transcendental journey of themselves.
Merry Christmas 2008
By: Aline

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Tang Yuen" Festival

This year is the forth consecutive years that I did not celebrate the "Tang Yuen" Festival with my beloved family. This festival is considered as the second biggest festival for the Chinese for family reunion. Although I was away from my family, I prepared for some dishes for dinner which was exactly as what I used to have during my childhood. The taste reminds me a lot of my family :)

There is quite a number of Chinese Community in Cambodia. On that day, we woke up early in the morning to shop for some groceries stuffs. Only found the last packet of Glutinuos Rice Ball in Red Bean flavor. A china man was actually looking at the packet of Glutinuos Rice Ball that we were holding hehe......

Glutinuos Rice Ball in Ginger flavoured soup

Round and Big

Red Bean Flavour

For the dinner, I prepared for chicken and boiled vegetables with chicken soup followed by Braised Chicken feet. Let me share some of the photos of what I had for the dinner!



Steamed Chicken, I'm still improving my skills of chopping chicken

Braised Chicken Feet

Cambodian Food

Ever wonder how is Cambodian food looks like? It is actually a mixture of Thai and Vietnamese food. However, it is not as spicy as Thai food.

Recently had gone to a local Khmer restaurant for lunch with my colleagues. After being 15 months in this country, I did not really try out the local delicacies. Therefore, this is considered as my first post of Cambodian food.

Fried eggs with salted fish

I am just in love with this dish. The first time I tried this was in Siem Reap. The taste of the salted fish is quite similar as the one in Malaysia. However, the salted fish colour in Cambodia is in red.

Stir fried frogs with Ginger

The frogs meat in Cambodia are much cheaper than Malaysia. This tastes like Chinese food, "KUNG PO THIEN GAI" Tastes good to be served with rice.

Beef soup

I did not try on this dish as the taste was a bit weird! Sour and the fragrance was just too strong for me.

Fish with mango Salad

This dish I like the most among all. The fish was strong with pepper and soy sauce taste. The mango opens up your appetite.

Barbecue Banana

Barbecue Banana

I would still prefer deep fried banana. The texture of the barbecue banana is just too dry and tasteless. It costs at USD0.15 for a stick.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Recipe

My New Recipe in November. Malaysian Style Chicken Curry and Sarawak Black Pepper Chicken.

It takes about 2 hours to prepare for Sarawak Black Pepper Chicken as need to steam in low fire for 2 hours. Tastes good, spicy and nice to be served with rice (Preferably Bario Rice)

Chicken Curry is a MUST to serve with Rice.

Hope you'll enjoy your journey here :)

Sarawak Black Pepper Chicken

Malaysian Style Chicken Curry

Friday, December 19, 2008

Lisa's New House @ Puchong

My sister's new place @ Puchong. She'll always prepare a room in PINK for me wherever she stays. Feel contented to have a sister like her! Her house is deco with mostly IKEA and Fella Design Furnitures.

Shoes Rack

Dining Room

Deco in the Living Room


Living Room

Bedroom specially decorated in PINK

Pink Bedroom

Lisa's room

Special Highlight in My room

This post is about the special highlight in my room. Nothing special and just a few photo frames placed next to my bed. Those photo frames are always with me wherever i stay, brought all the way from KL.

I was staying away from my family for more than 5 years and obviously I miss them heaps..... Therefore, I'll always place my family photo, childhood photo and my doggie's photo in my room. Recently had updated another photo frame which is photos with my bestie!

The baby in red is me :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Bestie!

13/12, is a special day for my bestie, Dachele! During our schooling days, we would celebrate our birthday together by having High-tea or some shopping.

Here's a Birthday cake for her, hope she'll like it and will definitely celebrate with her again during my trip back in February :)


Special Cake for Dachele!!!

Can put in some cosmetics as well hehe

Can only see but can't eat.

Special Louis Vuitton Birthday Cake!

Us... Endless LOVE.............

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Anna's Birthday Celebration

This post is about Anna's First Year Birthday Celebration at Phnom Penh. Anna was working midnight shift that evening. After my work at 5pm, we went to pick her up at her hostel to celebrate her big day. Being away from family is not so easy, especially being to a country like Cambodia. No friends, no family and no Life!

We went to La Volpaia Italian Restaurant to celebrate for Anna's Birthday. Bought a Chocolate Cappucino Cake from Raffles Le Royal for her. This restaurant is famous with their pizza and pasta and they also have branches in Tokyo and Seoul. The price is double than those in Malaysia.

We had bun with sprinkle Onions as Appetizer, dipped with some Olive Oil and Vinegar.

This was Anna's first visit to this restaurant. Therefore, we recommended Spaghetti with Squid Ink Sauce for her. The taste was so great but I wasn't brave to order for myself whenever I visit to this restaurant, coz the squid ink will mess up my whole face. hehe...

Pasta with Squid Ink Sauce

Pasta with Squid Ink Sauce

JE ordered for his favourite as usual, Spaghetti with cream cheese, Crab Meat and Brocolli.

And my all-time favorite, Spaghetti Amatriciaba.

And this is a must to order at this restaurant, Pizza Amatriciaba. Simple recipe with Olives, Onion and Bacon. Nice!

Lastly, some pictures of the birthday girl!


Lina & Anna

Birthday cake from Raffles Le Royal