Saturday, May 31, 2008

Chinese New Year 2008

I will be celebrating Chinese New Year with my family every year in KL since 2003. I really don’t like to spend this special festival in KL, a lonely city! How good it is if it is in Miri. No visiting, no drinking, no meeting up with old friends…

This year we are in KL as well! We had our reunion dinner with almost all my cousins from my mum’s side. Most of them came from Australia, Sabah and KL. My mum was originally borned in Ipoh but all my mum’s siblings had migrate to different places like Canada, Australia, Sabah, KL and my mum to Miri. So every year this date will be good for reunion for all my cousins from my mum’s side.

Last year we spent a few days in Ipoh! It was so bored as well as I do not have any friends there. Manage to visit some of our cousins which is not so close at all. We also went to visit our grandfather at “Sam Poh Tong”.

Many of them fall sick during this CNY, Lilian, My auntie, my brother and my dad. Not so enjoyed and everyday just went for shopping, eating, shopping, eating…

Hopefully next year will be a different year!

My Sister Lisa!

Almost all my cousins from my mum's side

Chinese New Year Visiting

Trip Back to Malaysia in December till February

Polly, my best friend!
My Family!
Karaoke Time!
Clubbing time!
Drinking time!
Going out for Ladies Night!
Attended Tang's Wedding Dinner
My ex- colleagues

They said i look like bride with this dress on. So so so embarrased on that day!

I promise to all of you that I’ll update everything happened in this few months. Yes, I do!

Before I started my new career and I was so bored of Cambodia, I decided to go back to Malaysia for a 2 months holiday from December – February! The trip was so enjoyed and I managed to meet up with all my friends in my hometown.

Spending everyday to do things that I like such as facial, shopping, sleeping, hanging out with friends… Like a “Tai Tai”life without any stress. No financial stress, no work stress… Everyday is FUN FUN FUN!

But now, I’m back to normal life L Work Work Work! Work is good for personal improvement and financially independent. But I can feel the different of me compare to last time in terms of commitment towards my work.

I still miss the time when I was in my hometown Miri for a month in January! I got a long period to stay at home spending time with my parents, sisters, brother (not so as he seldom stayed at home and seldom talk to all the sisters) and my best friends, ex-colleagues. It was so so fun! I will definitely plan for another long holiday to go back to Miri again!

Every weekends I would be going out with my girlfriends, for a tea, to Island Bar, Balcony or Karaoke. It was so fun! No gentlemen and it was only all Girls! I’m now counting my days to go back to Miri in September. Still another 3 more months to go….

P/S : Forgot to take pictures with my dear Dachele everytime I go back! This trip will remember.

After this blog had been abandoned for so long….

Conducting Grooming Class in March 2008

Ready to go to work!

After didn’t blog for so long, since November 2007 till now, for a total of 7 months… Apologize to all of you for not updating for that LONG! After reading my 2 cousin's blog, Nadia and Nora which makes me want to blog again. Thanks to both of you :)

Well, recently I just started my new job in Cambodia since March as a Guest Relations Manager in a Malaysian owned 5 stars Casino Hotel here. Work is not as busy and challenging as in KL. Perks is better than KL but things here are so expensive which everything have to be spent in USD.

The people here are not so concern of the personal grooming as much as like in Malaysia or Singapore. That’s the reason why I have to conduct a grooming class for all my female staffs. To teach them of the body posture, walking posture, basic make up techniques. It was so fun as my ambition is actually to become a make-up artiste and not a Hotel General Manager.

Hehe…. Anyway, that was my ambition during those teenagers time but my parents do not really want me to end up to become a beautician or make up artiste.

But, I still manage to take a short make up course few years ago to fulfill my dreams.

Those are some photos taken during the grooming class that I had conducted. Have a look and enjoy! If any of you who want to know some techniques, feel free to message me!