Monday, August 9, 2010


Had been fliping through my facebook post and read all the history
that I had posted. Realize that I was very unwell, emotional and heart
sick in this one year plus.

Good people came in my life but I just couldn't cope with my inner
self. I think I seriously need to deal with myself.

Sometimes I was thinking that it was very unfair for me to go through
all these at this age. I wanna have a healthy life just like everybody
out there. I wanna have a neutral feeling and not act like a hurt

To improve myself, I will concentrate on my new life.

Learn to leave down all my previous baggages.

Learn to trust people.

Gain my self secure back.

Cope with my emotional problem.

Forget the past, learn from the past, take things positively, take it
as an experience and live in the present!

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