Tuesday, November 13, 2007

About the town!

Phnom Penh is a small town and from one place to another place is just so near... However, the traffic here is so terrible and worse than in KL. Lots of motorcycles, tutuk and motor taxi along the road.

Not only that, you can also see something that you can never see in Malaysia. View photos below then you can know more about what i'm talking about. This is just like the "Van Penjaja" in Malaysia. They are used to sell pottery in Cambodia.

"Van Penjaja" in Cambodia

Friday, November 9, 2007

The most important thing for a lady....

Suddenly something in my mind which i feel is the most important thing for a woman, no matter you are in a good mood or bad mood, these things are just so precious to maintain yourself and also to release your tension...

Guess what! That's the home care products and spa products for our daily routine life. No matter how busy is my schedule and where i travel to, i'll bring along my own set of daily facial care and my cosmetic pouch with me. I work in the hospitality industry and the event line in this couple of years. Therefore, personal grooming is very important for me. It is to show your respect to your guest or clientale and to build up your own confident. As a woman, i also believe that self-confident is the natural ingredient for us to fight on certain circumstances and to remain strong in any of the situation.
Therefore, light or natural make up is a must in the industry...
I thought that it'll be a bit difficult for me to get all the skin care brands in Phnom Penh.. I guess i was wrong. SK2 and Dermalogical and some of the products from France can easilly got here.
My daily skin care~

And a miracle mask which is so good and i just wanna share with all the ladies here. If you have any problem on your face such as Acne, Oily skin, Wrinkle skin or dry skin...This mask is just so good and it can get from any of the Sasa shop. It's called the Kirara Mask from Korea. The price is quite expensive which is ard RM230 for 5 small bottles of mask. 1 time equvalent to 1 bottle. I use it twice a week to maintain my skin. Though the price is too expensive, i divided into twice in a bottle which i can use twice for a bottle. However, the result is still the same...

Our Bath Tub~

I really love spa and i'll always pamper myself in my home spa every week. Though it'll cost a lot for me to go for the spa every week. Spa products can easily get in anywhere in Phnom Penh. The price is much more cheaper and the ingredients are just so natural compare to other items. For Body Scrub wise, The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Body Scrub is the best item among those i bought from Thailand, Bali or here... And i really enjoy resting at our bathtub here with the Bath Salt which bought from Phnom Penh Airport at
only USD7 per bottle.
Bath Salt at only USD7

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

My ABC Soup

We had been here for about a month plus... Well, life here can be interesting and can also be pretty boring. It depends on what type of lifestyle you like.

I love to dress up nicely all the time. I am very particular on my personal grooming... Thanks for my instructor in my grooming lesson in the preparation on the modelling industry back in 2001. If not because of her, i will not know the basic ways of make up and grooming...

In cambodia, i was restricted to dress up. I love dresses and sleeveless singlet or baby-t or short skirt. I started to wear T-shirt and jeans now which the people here will look at you at one kind if you dress up too sexy or bla bla bla.... I feel very uncomfortable on that. Traffic and safety wise is horrible here... will post some photos of the town next couple of days.

Had learned cooking recently. My cooking skills had improve a lot... Had boiled some soup for the second time~ The ABC Soup... My all-time favourite.

Just a random picture!