Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Last Day as GRM

Today is my last day at Work as a Guest Relations Manager. I’ll be in the Sales & Marketing tomorrow.

No longer need to bun my hair.

I can go out for Sales Calls to meet up with people.

I can still keep in touch with my old contacts.

And many many more business trips to come to Vietnam, Bangkok, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong!

And the most important thing is I am back to where I came from! And it’s nearer to achieve towards my goal before I reach my 30’s Plus my overseas experience.

And there’ll also be more and more challenges to come! Stay Positive!

Wish me Good Luck :)

My Last Day At Work as a Guest Relations Manager...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gabrille's Birthday on the 28/7

28/7 was Gabrille’s Birthday, our FO Executive from Myanmar. We bought a Birthday Cake for him as a surprise just like my birthday. He was off on that day so I purposely called him in the morning to ask him to come to office to attend an urgent meeting.

A big surprise for him on his birthday! We bought a Chocolate Fresh Cream Cake from one of the local bakery which was recommended by my staff. The size is much bigger and full of fresh cream. And with some Almond Nuts in between the sponge.

That was how our department celebrate for the staff’s birthday. Feel Warm???

Anyway, I’ll be transferring to the Sales & Marketing on the 1st August. Pal, I’m back to where I come from! Wish me good luck!

Birthday boy cutting on the cake!

As usual, I'll be the one who distribute all the cakes.

Cakes Anyone???

Me with the Birthday Boy :)

Group Photos

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Birthday Dinner 24/7

I couldn’t go back on time on that day as meeting only ended at 5.30pm. I reached home at 6.10pm and dress up myself for my Birthday dinner. This year is my first year birthday celebration in Phnom Penh.

I had my birthday dinner at Van’s French Restaurant. It’s a fine dining restaurant serving for French Cuisine. The interior of the restaurant is so nice and romantic. This place is like the restaurants along Jalan Ampang Hilir in KL.

We had 1 dozen of escorgots as appetizer, Lobster Bisque and Pork Chop as my main course and Beef with Foie Gras for JE. The escargots here were much bigger than those in Malaysia. The Pork Chop in Rasberries Sauce was not served well done, kind of weird among the Asians. However, it tastes even better than the well done Pork Chop, the meat is not so hard. The Foie Gras (French Goose Liver) was not bad, the texture was like the softness of jelly. However, you’ll feel disgusting after having the whole portion of Foie Gras. I wouldn’t wanna have Foie Gras anymore after all.

For dessert, I had crepe suzette with vanilla Ice-cream and Cream Puff with Vanilla Ice-cream.

Overall, the environment is worth of the price. Food Quality was not bad as well. Maybe I’m not a fan for French Cuisine.

Interior of the restaurant

Cheese Sticks

Appetizer ~ 1 dozen of Escargots

Soup~ Lobster Bisque

Main Course~ Medium Rare Pork Chop with Rasberries Sauce (Medium Rare??? French Style)

Main Course~ Steak with Foie Gras (Goose's Liver)


Crepe Suzzete with Vanilla Ice-cream

Birthday Girl!

My Surprise Birthday Celebration at Work!

24/7 is my birthday. Thought that no one remember my birthday. When I arrived at work in the morning, I received the first surprise at work. A Birthday Greeting Note from my colleague, Alex putting on my desk. It was decorated with a “Lucky Mouse”. According to him this mouse will bring luck to me.

Then, I received a bouquet of roses from my staffs, Ann. Feel so surprised! And everyone wished me “Happy Birthday” when they came in to the office. Received few other presents from my colleagues as well. A decoration items from call center manager, Oscar and a pen from Melissa. How sweet of all of them!

I thought that was the end of the surprise. While having meeting with my staffs, someone knocked on the door. And they all lined up and came in with a Birthday Cake. Wow! Was a really big surprise that I had throughout these years. The cake was so nice and delicious and bought from Raffles Hotel, it was in PINK also, The Strawberry Mousse Cake.

Not only that, I also received many birthday greetings from MC Net Members and smses from Malaysia, E-card from friends and family from Malaysia, Messages in Facebook and Friendster. Thanks for all the birthday greetings :)

I still have few more belated birthday presents and birthday lunch when I go back to Malaysia. My Birthday presents from JE, My sis and Dachele. And my birthday lunch with Dachele when I go back to Miri in Sep. Can’t wait for that celebration with my bestie…..

Me with my Staffs!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Busy week

This week is a busy week for me! Attended 3 full days trainings, conducted training and meetings…

The trainer came from Newcastle and Jordan but residing in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah! The 3 full days training were tiring yet enjoying. In between with gaming session, group activities and jokes.

After returning back to office from the training, piled up with lots of works and emails to be cleared.

YAY! Weekends is coming! Can’t go out during the night time as elections will be on this Sunday. Locals say that it’s not safe to go out during elections, robbery and fighting happens every time during the elections. Will be staying at home watching Sex & The City Last Season :)

Me With my colleagues.

Group Photo! I'm The third one from Left!

Can see me? The Middle one with black~

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sophia’s Kitchen in Phnom Penh

Sophia’s Kitchen is a coffee house in Phnom Penh serving for Penang Food. The owner is from Penang. Most of the Singaporeans and Malaysians who work in Phnom Penh will be having breakfast there every morning. The price is similar as Malaysia, the difference is the currency which is in USD. After conversion, the food will still be 3 times more expensive than Malaysia.

Well, Penang and West Malaysian food can be easily found in everywhere in Phnom Penh. I’d only miss the Sarawak food here like Kolok Mee, Kueh Chap, Sarawak Laksa etc. Moreover, There isn’t any restaurant here who serves for Sarawak food.

On Sunday Morning, we went to Sophia’s kitchen for breakfast. I had my curry puff and chee Kwek for breakfast. Chee Kwek is famous in Singapore. I would say the kolok mee that they served here is more to the Singaporean style and not the KL Wanton Noodle style. However, I’d still prefer the Sarawak Kolok Mee and Char Siew Oil Mee.

I’ll definitely go for my Char Siew Oil Mee when I go back to my hometown in September.

Half of the Curry Puff

Sophia's Kitchen Nasi Lemak

Fish Head Mee Hoon

Chee Kwek