Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Workplace, New Colleagues

After returning back to Malaysia, It took me for about 3 weeks to get a new job in KL. Same industry and same position like what I used to do.

First few weeks as a working slave in KL City Centre was not as easy as what I thought especially I had get used of the comfort life at Phnom Penh. Wakes up as early as 6.30am every morning and leave my house at 7.00am to avoid the traffic jam plus my office is just located around KLCC area. I started to enjoy Happy hour with my colleague after work at Pavilion or Changkat Bukit Bintang with Beer as cheap as 10 bucks per bottle.

Some photos of my new workplace and colleagues :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Had not been updating my blog for about 2 months! Many changes in my life in this year. I'm back in KL for goods and finally settle down and got my new job in KL City Centre. A total change of environment, workplace and lifestyle.

Working life in KL is pretty busy. Therefore, I wouldn't have much time to update my blog like i used to be. I started to miss Cambodia now!

A total change of my lifestyle compare to what i used to have. Meeting up with different friends, new colleagues and a total brand NEW ME!

I enjoyed working at my new workplace, with wonderful colleagues and great boss. But, too much of happy hour for the past few weeks :)

Some of the progress of my life, I lost for about 8kg in the past 2 months. Therefore, too much of shopping for my working attire and leisure wear.

Hope you'll enjoy my photos posted. And remember to send me a message as I'm back in town :)

Lina & Eva @ Miri

Lina & Eva @ Santuary Bar

Aileen @ Lina During Labour Day

Aileen, Lina, Eva & Daniel

Me & My sis @ Gardens