Friday, August 7, 2009

JUICE Birthday Party

Attended JUICE Magazine Birthday Party @ MOS invited by my client. The theme night is Sunnies & Neon Night. It had been a while that I did not attend for any theme event. And it was quite difficult for me to get for some bright colour apparel in my cupboard as I do not have much bright colour apparel in my cupboard except PINK.

Month of Birthday Celebration

Month of July was my Birthday Celebration month. This is a very different year compare to previous year. I had my birthday celebration in Malaysia for this year. However, no French Fine Dining restaurant during my birthday which I was craving for the most after returning back to Malaysia, hence no Foie Gras...

I felt so touched of all the preparation from friends and families around me. Although this year is a very different one, I really appreciate for all the special arrangement being made.

My bestie Dachele, had brought a homemade Chocolate Moist Cake and an eye cream all the way from Miri to KL for my birthday.

My 2 sisters, Lily and Lisa had prepared a barbecue dinner at The Curve with Lisa's favorite Butter Cream Cake.

Lily, Lina & Lisa

My colleagues gave me a surprise cake on my birthday.

My room mate cum secondary school mate, Aileen brought me a contact lenses cleanser. And also thanks for the belated bouquet of roses.

And special surprise Birthday Eve dinner, cake and present from my cousins from Australia.

A big THANK YOU to all the special arrangement on my special day. Although it is a different one from last year.