Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Sorry for not updating for so long :) Polly is the one who reminds me to blog. My new job had been pretty challenging and busy. That's the reason why i was away for a while. Also not logging to MC.Net Chat for few weeks. Hope to catch up with all the members soon when i'm in town in September.

I had been transfered to the Sales & Marketing Department and taking care of my previous clientale lists from my previous hotel. E-marketing, embassies, oil&gas, international agents and tradeshows. Had been pretty busy with the set up and create awareness. On the other hand i also feel so happy that i can keep in touch with my previous contacts which i was away for a while. Also found out that the market in Cambodia is not as tough as KL, People are friendly and easier to arrange for appointment. And of course market is not so tough as KL, which is good i guess :)

No Longer need to Bun my hair at work :)

I'll be back in Malaysia in another 3 weeks time. Feel so excited! There's a list of things to do when i'm back in Malaysia. Looking for photographer, videographer, make up artiste, making all the bill payments, skincare, cosmetics, working suits, Melilea and many many more.... Will be busy and can only have free time when i'm in Miri. So preparation before going back is to lose some weight so that my sisters will not tease on me hehe... And also to purchase some souvenirs for my gangs (Ex-Parkcity Members) and food for my dearest family :)

New Hair Style~~~ Found out that curly hair is actually not so difficult to manage. Just need to get a proper Hair Styling cream, mousse or spray. And also to use a proper hair dryer. Think not going to dye my hair as will look dry.

So Pal, Do let me know when wanna meet up for drinks in September :) Just msg me...

Take care all and see you guys soon in Sep!

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